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Just found out about this new app that helps to blog straight from my phone! I figured it was worth a try to keep my blog semi updated!! Here are a couple Emory pictures. 

This was Emory and me at the hospital's summer employee and family picnic at Harris pond. We had a great time. Emory was super brave and went on the zip line with Josh and then when Beckett finally got enough courage to go, Emory was not happy about it!
Emory turned 3 this June! Can't believe my girl is so old already! Wish she would potty train! She talked the doctor's ear off at her well-child visit. She weighed 36 lbs and was 75th percentile for weight and off the charts 100+ % for height. She is super tall!!
Emory is my super good eater! She will eat just about anything I put in front of her! Lovey good eater!
Emory and mama hanging out one Sunday afternoon. She is still my best snuggler!
Emory absolutely looooooves babies!! We babysat my friend's kids while they moved one Saturday and Emory was just in mama heaven mothering the baby! Hopefully she'll be a good help when our baby arrives in 2 months!
Emory had an incredible 3rd birthday party with family. She was spoiled to the max! We were living at Josh's parents house still so she was surrounded by family and loved every minute of it!! 
Me putting her to bed for the last time as a 2 year old!

All ready for church as a big 3 year old!

Opening presents and trying them all out immediately!! Candy land princess game, a hello kitty backpack with a sleeping bag inside, a new Aurora princess dress, a leotard and tutu, a Rapunzel doll, a new swimsuit and new tennis shoes! Seriously spoiled!!



Can't believe my beautiful girl is already 3. She seems so grown up!






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Lyn said...

Emory is so cute. Thanks for posting!

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