I'm doing it!

So, I got a magazine in the mail the other day about all of the "Enrichment courses" that UTEP offers (that is the University of Texas El Paso, home of the Sun Bowl!) I browsed through it and found a class that I REALLY want to take.

Its a Cupcake Decorating Class!!

I talked to Josh and his work schedule is really crazy those nights, but I decided I'm going to do it anyway! I guess i will just have to find a babysitter or something because I am doing it! I signed up yesterday and the class starts on October 6th. We meet for 2 weeks, every Tuesday and Thursday (so we meet 4 times). I am so excited. There are so many opportunities when you live in a big city and I just decided I need to take advantage of it while we're here! So... wish me luck! I will show you the beauties I create!


Amber said...

How fun! I'm very excited for you. That's awesome!

Nichole said...

That have enrichment night at UTEP? Ha ha.

Trina said...

Great for you! Yes, take advantage of those fun things you can do in a bigger city. Small towns in Idaho don't always provide such fun entertainment, although we love living there! :)

Rebecca said...

Can't wait to see your beautiful creations! Have fun and enjoy it...I love doing stuff like that!

Monica H said...

This sounds awesome. I wish I could take more classes but there's no time!

I can't wait to see your cupcake creations!

Mini Baker said...

just found your blog and I love it! I'll be checking back often :) So many yummy recipes!
-Mini Baker

Mel's Family said...

Yay for you...it sounds like so much fun!

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