Pumpkin and Owl Cupcake Tutorials

Alright, I decided that I am just going to do a tutorial of my 2 favorite from last week. If there are any other ones you absolutely want a tutorial for, just let me know and I'll do it.


The pumpkin is by far one of the easiest cupcakes! Frost a cupcake in light orange frosting. Make it nice and round on top... You need a good amount of frosting.

Next, dip cupcake in orange decorative sugar so that the entire top is covered with orange sparkling sugar! It makes it look so good!

Then take a dowel and create creases across the top of the cupcake.

Add more orange food coloring (I added a TINY bit of red) to make your orange darker than the original color you frosted with. Put this into a plastic bag. You don't need fancy frosting piping bags. Just get a quart sized bag and fill up the corner. Then reinforce the corner with Scotch tape- so that when you are squeezing out the frosting, the bag doesn't rip open. Then cut the tip of the bag (right through the reinforced scotch tape corner) about 1/16 of an inch- Very small. Its easier to go back and cut a bigger hole... Once you have the right size hole, pipe your darker orange into the creases you made.
For the pumpkin stem, use about an inch of green twizzler. For the curly-cues, use the pull apart twizzlers- You have to play with these in order to get them to stay in place like mine. Use the frosting and push it into the frosting on the curlies


Alright, my other favorite from last weeks class was the owl. I thought it was SO cute!

First, I recommend you use chocolate cupcakes, but if you only have vanilla, it really doesn't matter!

Frost your cupcake in chocolate buttercream frosting. (I bought all my buttercream for super cheap from Albertsons. I have since found a recipe I like, sort of... but it makes a TON!)

Pull apart 2 oreos so that the cream is on one side and the other side has none. Split the non-cream side in half and place oreos as seen in this picture:

Next, take 1/2 a black (or grape) jelly bean and use chocolate buttercream frosting to adhere to the oreo cream. Next put chocolate buttercream frosting into a plastic bag with reinforced corner (as instructed in the pumpkin) and cut a very small piece off. Once you have the right flow, start piping the owl's fur.I hope you can KIND of see from the picture above how to pipe on the fur. Pipe a small amount and then pull down to create that fur look. Continue to pipe fur all over the chocolate frosting, around the eyes. When you get to the 1/2 of oreos without cream, pipe long strands to look like his eyebrows...like this:

Add a Banana runt for his nose... and you're done!
Last of all... enjoy them!
Tonight's cupcake class we will be making cowboys/cowgirls, clowns, sunflowers, monkeys, and a rabbit in a hole! Look for more pictures and tutorials of tonight's cupcakes!
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