Leaving on a Jet Plane...

As we speak (or read in your case)...

I'm headed to Brazil for 12 days! My oldest sister and I are meeting up in Houston and flying to Brazil to visit my parents! My parents are serving a 23 month service mission for our church and have been gone since April 2009 (when my little guy was just 4 months old!). They will be coming home in March, but my sister and I decided to get away together and visit our mommy!

My parents are actually in the same place my husband lived when he served a mission for our church as well, so he's a little sad he can't come with us... but its too dang expensive and someone's got to stay here and make the money!

Just the baby and I are going and my little guy is going to stay with my other sister down in Utah. I can't even imagine how much I'm going to miss that little guy (and my husband, of course...)

We'll be visiting Rio...and the Falls of Iguassu...
I am so excited to have a great vacation!

I have recipes scheduled to post while I'm gone, so enjoy!


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Trina said...

Enjoy your time with your mom and dad! I'm sure you won't read this until you get back but you can tell them hi from our family!

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