Meal Planning

Please excuse the horrible picture in this one. The lighting in my apartment is so yellow that all of my indoor pictures have a terrible yellow, grainy look to them. Yuck!

Before Josh and I had any kids, I never worried about what was for dinner, because nothing ever got in the way of me making dinner. But, ever since having a child, everything has changed. I plan out all of my meals every week, make a shopping list and make sure I have everything I need to make dinners for that entire week. Here's my planning system:
I made a file folder with magnets that attaches to the fridge. This holds all of my recipes for the week. The magnetized pad above that has the days of the week and on each day, I have written what I will be cooking. Its so nice because I can look at my little pad on the fridge and say, "Monday, Grilled Bruschetta Chicken" or "Today is Wednesday, so... Pepper Steak" It is so easy. The hardest thing for me was just thinking of what to make for dinner and this way, its all planned out. I just pull the recipe out of the file attached to the fridge and make dinner! So simple!
Do you have another system for planning your meals? Please share!


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Amber said...

I have the same little magnetic pad. I love it. Instead of pulling out the recipes, I just put the page # and what cookbook the recipe comes from.

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