Free Schwan's Food

Hey, so my sister just told me about this and I just wanted to pass the word along!

Schwan's Food is giving away $10 of free food to anybody who orders it. As long as they deliver to your area, you will get $10 free- This is for new customers only and its only for the first 500,000 people, so hurry and do it. I found out about this from my sister and she had said that she ordered the caramel ice cream bars, and I am a sucker for CARAMEL!! So..., I ordered the same thing! If you order anything 9.99 or below, it is completely FREE!
I can't wait to get mine... It is scheduled to come on August 24th! Whoo!!
Click Here to sign up for it!



Ashley Schill said...

Hey! I just went on and ordered some cookies and they are supposed to come this Thursday. We'll see how they are! I wanted the ice cream bar you are getting but they are sold out...probably because they are sooo delicious! I meant to comment forever ago on your "chicken crockpot fiesta" recipe but I guess our computer wasn't responding. Anyways, I made it a while back and we LOVED it! So good and so easy! I am excited I can get easy recipes through your blog! Thanks!

MegiJones said...

k so I totally did this and got my ice cream bars yesterday! AWESOME! Thanks for the heads up!

Amber said...

I used your recipe for breadsticks the other day when we had one of Noel's classmate's family over for dinner. They were a big hit. We are using the home-made macaroni and cheese recipe on Monday. Can't wait!

Stef said...

thanks! In can't wait for my ice cream sandwiches to get here:)

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