The "Famous" Meatball

I love this meatball recipe- Actually, I shouldn't call it a meatball recipe, because I don't actually make my meatballs from scratch. I am lazy like that and just use frozen ones. I love the Costco frozen meatballs with this sauce recipe.

We served these meatballs at our wedding reception (my aunt is a caterer and we got this recipe from her) and they are seriously delicious. I make these all the time- Girls Nights, Luncheons- you name it, they are devoured! The ingredients sound crazy, but trust me, the end result is pure delicious-ness:

Mix together 1 jar grape jelly (32 oz size)
with 1 bottle chili sauce (This will be on the same aisle as the jelly usually)

Pour over the top of your meatballs.

Then cook your meatballs either according to package directions in the oven, or in the crockpot for a few hours. I promise you will not be disappointed in how these taste....

Sorry for the lack of pictures...I guess I devoured the meatballs too fast to even get a finished shot!


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Abby said...

Yum. I love these, so am glad to have the recipe!

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